Tony Beets Mines $5.6M Worth Of Gold In Shortest Season Ever! I Gold Rush

Despite a shaky start to the season, Tony Beets manages to haul an enormous $5.6 million worth of gold in their shortest season yet! From Season 12, S...

Tony Beets Discovers A Game-Changing Layer Of Pay Dirt Behind Permafrost! | Gold Rush

Whilst finding a way around a thick layer of permafrost, Tony Beets discovers a rich layer of pay dirt much larger than he anticipated. From season 10...

Parker Buys a HUGE New Excavator For His Crew | Gold Rush

When Parker’s crew needs to urgently open a new pond to feed Big Red, Parker treats them to a giant new excavator to make the job easier. Subscribe ...

Rock Truck Falls in 20 Foot Pond! | Gold Rush

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