Just watching Petflix
Someone should have told me - Cat
Ok you can pick me up now
Yes! I will end them too!
Crying her tears :')
Most popular Bank in each state
Snow Dog
Kid throws a fit next to Obama...
My Weekends
Oh Baby ...
She is just over a month old!
because puppy
Saddest Kitty on the Interwebs
I nursed a kitten!
Tummy tickles is happiness
Best Cry Ever: Puppy Edition.

I was watching the video of "Best Cry Ever," on my ipad and my puppy started to cry along with the poor man. So I started recording and tried to emula...

Cat toes
Work was not productive
Nicely organized produce
A kitty and a guinea.
Dillon walks away from scary wreck

Austin Dillon walks away from a big wreck at the finish of the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.

Tiny Hamster's Tiny BBQ (Ep. 8)

Buy the Tiny Hamster Book Today!!: Thanks to Reynolds Wrap and Havas Chicago for being great BBQ partners. We love all of your #TinyIdeas, keep...

pitbull and baby turkey

Our pitbull is obsessed with baby fowl. Also, at around 57 seconds, you can see her head straighten out with the quickness as soon as she feels a ...

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