TYMB Fay Fay calls Akademiks to clear his name. Ak gets 1090 Jake to speak on it. Chat did he tell?

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Ak calls Fay Fay 00:00
Fay finally joins 01:10
Big Fay explains what happened with his case 02:02
That's faxx 06:15
He saw the Camera on him woo woo woo 07:26
Holllyy they closed the door on Big Fay? 10:40
Von was talking about him on "why he told"?? 12:43
It was a Misunderstanding chat 15:25
It was edited Big bro 15:50
Folks didn't tell bro....17:28
1090 Jake finna investigate 19:45
Ak with the Grade A trolling 20:58
AJ comes in with faxx 21:45
Ak plays the arrest video 23:19
Fay Fay with the W or nah? 27:05
What would Von do? 28:55
Who leaked Folks Video tho? 30:40
What was bro finna show em? 31:43
lmao Ak 33:56
Tell Back gang 36:23
1090 Jake asks Fay about Von's case 37:50
Ak with the God tier Questioning 39:35
Lmao it was a dry snitch so it's cool chat 41:23
Could Fay Apologise to the Skreetz? 43:40
Cap!! 45:00
Jake didn't wanna be part if it lmao 47:30
Not a tellin spree 48:55
Ak got on his Vlad with this question 49:55
Ak tells Fay the Detective is pullin up to the stream 51:02
16Shotem pulls up 51:51

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