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Sea fishing on the Cornwall coast can offer some wonderful species to catch if you adapt what you are doing. This time of year you really have to make the most of any opportunity you can. Here I explore an area of reef I have wanted to fish for a while and try to find some shelter from the wind and swell. Trying to dodge the bad weather squalls I catch some nice fish and record some incredible underwater footage.

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Here are links to some of the fishing tackle I used in this video. I hope it helps.
Penn Conflict Inshore 50g -
Penn Fierce 4000 -
Octopus Jig -
Fin nor Marquesa MA20 -
Penn Regiment II 30lb -
Penn Clash II 3000 -
Favorite Cobalt Med Heavy Lure Rod 15/35g -
Sabikis -
Braid - Powerpro -
C&R Specimen Xtra -
C&R Zip Slider -
Barrel Swivel -

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