The Truth About The PewDiePie Debate, Taylor Swift Reacts, Hasan Piker, Biden Bows to MBS & More

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So much to talk about...
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00:00 Philip DeFranco Says Hi
00:22 Tease of Monday's Beautiful Bastard Drop
01:25 Zaid Freestyles the News
04:41 Reactions to Monday PDS (MrBeast vs PewDiePie, Iran Killing Protestors, Legalizing Mushroom)
07:21 Reactions to Tuesday PDS (Hasan Piker and Grad Students from Audience speak out)
09:20 Public sponsored today's show
10:07 Reactions to Wednesday PDS (Reactions to Chris, Taylor Swift TicketMaster)
12:04 Reactions to Thursday PDS (Victims speaking out, Elon Musk Twitter & Updates since Thursday)
16:57 Overlooked News we didn't get to this week. (Tyson CFO Arrested, Sheep Walking in a Circle for 10 Days, Indiana Deputy School Accident, Teacher Fired for Making OnlyFans Content in Her Classroom, Biden Lets MBS Off the Hook, Trump Special Counsel Announced)

Click down below to deep dive into any of these stories:

Elon Musk Issues Ultimatum to Twitter Staff: Commit or Quit
FTX & Celebrity Promoters Sued for $11 Billion
OnlyFans to Offer Shopping Features as It Competes for Influencers
Waukesha Christmas Parade Attacker Receives 6 Life Sentences
Laughing Gas Is Being Banned In the Netherlands As Reports of Extreme Use Grow
Republicans Take House Majority as Pelosi Steps Down from Dem. Leadership
Gabby Petito's, Brian Laundrie's Families Settle Wrongful Death Suit for $3 Million

Taylor Swift Tickets Are So High People Want to Break Up Ticketmaster & Live Nation
NASA Launches Artemis 1 Moon Mission on Its Most Powerful Rocket Ever
Judge Overturns Georgia's 6 Week Reproductive Rights Ban
Former President Donald Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Campaign
Poland Missile Strike Appears to Be an Accident by Ukraine

Hasan Piker Responds to Lavlune Accusations
Crypto Sponsorships From Failing Companies Ripple Across Sports and Esports
48,000 UC Graduate Student Workers Go on Strike
Discussing Rise of Extremism with Experts
New Report Finds Training for Police Poses “Immediate Crisis for Policing”
Election Updates in Arizona and Georgia
As Missiles Strike Kyiv, Zelensky Condemns Russia at G20

Dave Chappelle Faces Backlash for SNL Monologue
MrBeast Overtakes PewDiePie As Most Subscribed Individual YouTuber
Elon Musk Beefs With Senator Ed Markey Over Fake Verified Accounts
Colorado Voters Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms
Democrats Maintain Senate Control
John Kelly Says Trump Wanted To "Get the IRS On" James Comey
Labor Department Finds 31 Children Cleaning Meatpacking Plants
Iran Begins Issuing Death Sentences to Protesters

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Alyssa Milano Is A Hypocrite.

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