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Surprise: The Pope hates democracy! Crowder explains why the Vaatican is a communist craphole. Also, Putin is threstening to bring us to nuclear war. And I hate to break the news to some you libertarians, but your ideology doesn't work anymore. #pope #russia #ukraine

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SML Movie: Goldilocks!

Junior and his friends have a school play!

This Was Pathetic...

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When your Ex Girlfriend tries to tell you a sad story goes wrong! Kountry Wayne

New uploads everyday so dont forget to subscribe comment and like for Kountry Wayne! When your Ex Girlfriend tries to tell you a sad story goes wro...

Meanwhile… The World’s Oldest Cat | Siberian Zombie Virus

Meanwhile… A 26 year-old cat just made the Guinness Book of World Records, and an ancient Siberian virus has been unfrozen and revived. #Colbert #C...

Best Trash Talk Lines 2

#shorts #gaming #videogames #callofduty #valorant #csgo #fortnite #fps

The Coolest Way Kanye Can Hate Jews w/ Ari Shaffir

Flagrant had to bring on Ari Shaffir to discuss his new special on YouTube, his thoughts on Kanye, his trip around the world and much much more. 00:0...

Stewart Rhodes Convicted Of Seditious Conspiracy | Senate Votes To Protect Marriage Equality

The founder of the Oath Keepers and several associates were convicted on charges related to planning the Jan 6th insurrection, and the Respect For Mar...

When ur stomach makes noise #shorts

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Drawing Animals Based on Their Swedish Names

Jacob challenges Nathan, Karina, and Julia to draw animals based on literal translations of their Swedish names. SUPPORT US ON PATREON! https://www.p...

Zoe Saldaña Gets Scorched By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Zoe Saldaña is an actor who lays claim to some of the biggest box-office franchises of our time—from Avatar, to Star Trek, and Guardians of the Gal...

Jake Byrd Crashes a Herschel Walker Rally & Kanye Praises Hitler During Insane Alex Jones Interview

Today is the first day of December and news anchors everywhere can NOT believe it, the Biden’s hosted French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife ...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Back On Twitter | Mike Lindell Thinks He Has A Shot At RNC Chair

Elon Musk’s new rules for Twitter have allowed Covid misinformation back on the platform, as well as previously-banned users like Rep. Marjorie Tayl...

Rainbow Friends VS Huggy Wuggy

It's Rainbow Friends and Poppy Playtime in real life! Is your favorite Blue, Huggy, or Kissy? Comment your favorite funny moment! Thank you to Disc...

D pulls up on Razz! Kountry Wayne

New uploads everyday so dont forget to subscribe comment and like for Kountry Wayne! D pulls up on Razz! Kountry Wayne #God #Jesusispoppin #Jesusb...

Herschel Walker’s Wild Plan to Build Trump’s Wall & Twitter’s New COVID Policy | The Daily Show

Herschel Walker struggles to make a coherent point about walls, Spotify Wrapped has dropped, Twitter ends its COVID misinformation policy, the French ...

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