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Every video of Tony Angelo's and my trip to Hot Rod Drag Week 2022 was made possible by the good people at Wire Care. Every inch of wiring and thermal protection found on Blasphemi came directly from

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Mickey Thompson Tires

Harrel Engine and Dyno

Customs By Bigun

Quick Performance

American Racing

Optic Armor


CP Pistons

Stage V heads

Pontiac GTO New Fuel & Brake System (First Drive!) Part 3

The Veteran owned GTO FINALLY hits the road in part 3. First, Derek's got to tackle the fuel and brake system. ep 1 ep ...

DREAM S15 HITS THE DYNO - did I make the right call?

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Our Local River Is EXTREMELY Flooded... Jet Boating MILES Off the Main River!!!

Checkout ALL of our new merch at and maybe get a Nitrous Kit in your order!!! We went to scope out the flooding at our ri...

TJ Hunt Races his 400Z at the LZ Compound!

TJ stopped by with the new 400Z - and we dive into our newest giveaway! Every $5 spent on gets you entered for a chance to win the wi...


Well, we did a good job of wounding the 535ci Mopar Hemi V8 in my 1955 Chevy Bel Air. However, after attempting to swap David Freiburger's Hemi Gremmi...

The most controversial N80 Hilux in Australia? - Sussed With Sam Ep 6

SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT BELOW AND YOU COULD WIN A RUNVA WINCH! The most controversial and requested Sussed With Sam episode is here, Shawrry's old solid ...

Worst nightmare comes true with my dream Silvia build

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I'm Selling My 70mph Duramax Luxury Tank... It Ain't Cheap!!!

Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon Checkout ALL of our new merch at http://cleetusmcfarlan...

Searching For Dylan Rounds In Dangerous Abandoned Mineshafts

Get Dr Squatch now by going to and use code DSQHEAVYDSPARKS to get 20% off on orders of $20 or more for new customers! If you ...

THOUSANDS of Modified Car Show Arrivals DON'T CARE About Unmarked Police!

Thanks to HelloFresh for the support. Click here to get 60% off your 1st box + 25% off for 2 months using...

Can We Restore Lost Power To Our £500 Volvo?

This week Alex and Jack take 'Brick' our £500 Turbo Volvo wagon with 265,000 miles to a dyno, to see if we can restore lost power it its old engine. ...

LARRY CHENS R32 GTR HITS THE DYNO! (How much horsepower???)

@Larry Chen car hits the dyno makes great numbers and leaves us forever... JOIN THE PATREON! Want to help supp...

Gen III Swapped C10 - FIRST START ATTEMPT! Will It Run!? - Part 6

It's time to see if this Hemi will START in the C10! Think it will run? Watch and find out! TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Have you checked out memberships?...

We Drained Our Engine's Oil and Replaced It With Diesel Fuel!!! How Far Will It Go??

Checkout ALL of our new merch at and maybe get a Nitrous Kit in your order!!! McFarland Science returns!!! We had to test ...

I surprised my dad by LS swapping his 1966 Buick Skylark for his birthday!

My great grandfather purchased this 1966 Buick Skylark brand new. I always knew it as my great grandmothers car because he passed on well before I was...

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