Did Hasan Piker Get Andrew Tate CENSORED?!

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Did twitch streamer Hasan Piker get Andrew Tate censored??

00:00 - Start
01:19 - Fenerbahçe v Galatasaray?
04:13 - Birthers coming for Hasan next?
05:22 - Turkish history - love, sweat and young boys
10:22 - Turks are Furries
11:48 - Heritage not Hate
14:54 - Abraham Lincoln loved his beard
21:15 - Turkish bottoms can’t have all the fun
24:44 - The Queen, sell-out Scots and Americans
28:55 - Princess Diana and the British Empire
39:48 - Hasan coup d’etated Andrew Tate?
46:06 - Balancing wealth with socialist principles
49:33 - Who tips the worst at Flagrant? Guess in the comments
01:00:14 - Pay the IRS
01:06:22 - Hasan loves streaming - combatting narratives
01:20:36 - How Elon Musk really makes his money
01:27:00 - Great Resignation, quiet quitting and unions
01:36:14 - Balancing principles with working with Amazon
01:44:27 - Is Hasan a Chinese agent?
01:50:56 - Nancy Pelosi knows how to use a whip

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