Something Was Left For Me, I Recorded It

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Odd item in a secluded, remote estuary seemingly was left for me. NO other human have been in there since I last was.

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Childhood Story From Joe Rogan #shorts #joerogan

Clip from Lex Fridman Podcast #300 with Joe Rogan Follow me over at TikTok for more content

CAPE YORK - TACKLING THE OLD TELE TRACK! 4x4 & Towing an offroad caravan to the tip of Australia

#4x4 #capeyork #caravan CAPE YORK CHAOS! TACKLING THE OLD TELE TRACK! towing our offroad caravan to the tip of Australia! This place is a 4x4 dream!...

The most controversial N80 Hilux in Australia? - Sussed With Sam Ep 6

SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT BELOW AND YOU COULD WIN A RUNVA WINCH! The most controversial and requested Sussed With Sam episode is here, Shawrry's old solid ...


Surprise: The Pope hates democracy! Crowder explains why the Vaatican is a communist craphole. Also, Putin is threstening to bring us to nuclear war....

I Threw My Gopro Into a Canal Lock and got Incredible Footage!

The aim of this session was to throw my gopro into an Urban lock on the local canal to see what lives down there and also to hopefully catch some fish...

FORD RANGER REVIEW! Good or JUNK for towing a caravan around Australia  Touring 4x4 offgrid 3.5t tow

#4x4 #caravan #fordranger Ford Ranger Review, Today we look at if the ford ranger is a good option for towing a caravan around Australia. Good or JUN...

Trump Sued by New York AG & Putin Threatens to Use Nukes | The Daily Show

Vladimir Putin threatens to use Russia’s nuclear weapons, Donald Trump gets sued by New York State, Hollywood searches for the next James Bond, the ...

We've NEVER seen this happen on a 4WD track before... Dead engine on Australia's WILDEST 4WD TRACKS!

Join Jesse & Jocko on one of their TOUGHEST adventures yet! This is the sequel to for Jocko's last adventure (watch that here:

3 dead herrings vs 1 pike. Who wins? Take 1. #short #new #fishing

Best Fishing Lures for pike, perch, muskie, zander etc. Tommy the Trout 150mm Tommy the Trout 250mm ...

Spearfishing HUGE Yellowtail Kingfish New Zealand. Fillet +Smoke-up

Spearfishing for Yellowtail Kingfish in New Zealand and I manage to spear the biggest of my life! Please like and Subscribe if you enjoyed and want ...

OUR DREAM BOAT! Exploring Virgin Reefs

We're off on a new adventure on the new B2B boat and really excited to share it with you guys. This is Episode 1 of a 4 part series. Hope you enjoy co...

Russian troops abandon each other after Ukrainian quadcopter drone Strike.

Russian troops abandon each other after Ukrainian quadcopter drone Strike.

CAPE YORK DISASTER STRIKES Towing an offroad caravan on Australia's toughest road / 4x4 tele offgrid

#capeyork #4x4 #offgrid Towing an Offroad Caravan to Cape York, Australis toughest roads! 4x4 the Old Telegraph Track when disaster strikes! The hunt...

The best EVER on the mic CHAEL SONNEN

The best EVER on the mic CHAEL SONNEN Subscribe for more #shorts #mma #ufc #chaelsonnen #joerogan #michaelbisping #mmashorts #elitemmaworld

What if America gave away highest technologies to its enemies?

Fox News host Mark Levin examines America's police state and the Justice Department's investigation into Donald Trump on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.' #fox...

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