I Strongly Recommend: Spider-Man Remastered (PC + Steam Deck Review)

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Spider-Man Remastered PC port combines solid optimisation, flexible settings, great new PC-specific features and excellent keyboard/mouse support to continue Sony's recent track record of PC ports worthy of their top-tier exclusives.

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My Spider-Man (PS4) review: https://youtu.be/3bbLmIjI-wc

The DualSense driver PC update tool: https://controller.dl.playstation.net/controller/lang/en/fwupdater.html#sf255705398

00:00 Intro
01:38 'Game' options
03:07 Audio and Accessibility options
03:51 Gamepad/KBM options
04:19 Display/Upscaling options
05:39 Graphics/Ray-Tracing options
07:32 FOV slider
09:08 Performance Intro
10:35 RTX 2080Ti desktop
11:40 RTX 3070 Laptop
12:13 Steam Deck
14:25 Visuals
15:13 Bugs
16:34 DualSense support
19:33 KBM controls
20:40 'Playstation PC'

Edited by Austin @ausomehd
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