Minecraft Now: The Warden and Mangroves

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Mangrove trees and wardens are on the menu for the June episode of Minecraft Now, along with a deep dive into the Minecraft x Spongebob DLC! Our host Lydia is joined by Jasper, Cameron and Alexander, as well as special guest Rafael from Spark Universe to explore Minecraft 1.19 and more! 

0:00 Countdown Clock
4:49 Intro
9:21 The Warden
25:57 How to find The Warden
29:20 Mangroves
38:39 Mangrove Mini Game
44:27 You Made It!
49:15 The Warden Mini Game
57:48 Block Buzz
1:00:38 Marketplace Updates
1:14:29 SpongeBob Mini Game

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