What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!

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Reviewing every Google phone ever made!

0:00 What is a Google Phone?
1:06 The G1/Dream
3:30 Nexus One
5:35 Nexus S
7:00 Galaxy Nexus
8:40 Nexus 4
9:51 Nexus 5
12:00 Nexus 6
14:33 Nexus 5X
15:03 Nexus 6P
16:04 Google Pixel
18:16 Pixel 2
20:09 Pixel 3
21:30 Pixel 3a
22:44 Pixel 4
24:14 Pixel 4a
26:00 Pixel 5
27:24 Pixel 5A
28:03 Pixel 6
30:33 What is a Google Phone?!

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