Which is Better? Huracan STO vs GT Black Series

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Two new Shmeemobiles, the Lamborghini Huracan STO and AMG GT Black Series, back to back! The two supercars serve similar purposes and cost very similar money, but how different actually are they to drive one after the other? Let's find out!

The STO arrived in the collection about 6 weeks ago, and has since been for full PPF as well as the addition of the yellow contrast and gloss black sections at Topaz, and since it's done some early miles with the Bull Run and the track day at Donington Park. While the GT Black Series has been around for a few extra months, most of that was spent being resprayed at Chartwell before the Black Series tour and getting it towards 3,000 miles.

However, while they are both track focused versions of the regular models, costing £318k and £335k respectively in my specifications, they are quite different to drive. Most importantly due to the engines; the 4.0l TT flat-plane V8 in the GT BS and the 5.2l NA V10 in the STO. Regardless, they are both rear wheel drive with 7 speed dual clutch gearboxes, sporty setups, and more.

When driving them though, one is more usable and practical, the other is raw and shouty; they offer different experiences and that's what's so great!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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01:08 Garage update
05:39 GT Black Series
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11:38 Huracan STO
20:29 Outro

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