Black or White (Magic: The Gathering Parody)

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Remy summons a creature and his inner MJ.

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Opponent’s commander is getting to me
I have to get it off the table today
Now I believe in Miracles
And a miracle just happened tonight

If it’s targeting my creature
Doesn’t matter if it’s black or white

Opponent’s killing me with his Blood Baron
I got to kill it I ain’t having no fun
He attacks and I sigh audibly
Cuz his creature is now bigger and flies

Well if it’s targeting my creature
Doesn’t matter if it’s black or white

I ain’t scared of your Murder
I ain’t scared of your shove (Fatal Push)
I ain’t scared of that Terror
No, can’t be touched by that stuff

I ain’t scared of your Smother
I ain’t scared of O-Rings
I ain’t scared of these colors
No they can’t be touching me

The game’s fascination
Causing beef in Magic relations
Making creatures difficult to assail
Not sure how? Let me tell you a tale
You see it means you can’t block it
Can’t Shock it, target
No enchanting so you can’t Rock it
It’s why they play this Mother
Protection means you can’t be these things by a color

Man you must be kidding me
Did you really cast an Eye for and Eye?

Well if it’s targeting my creature
Doesn’t matter if it’s black or white

That’s black, that’s white
It can’t be targeted
That’s black, that’s white, that’s white

Mastering and background vocals by Ben Karlstrom.

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