Mori Calliope Learns How a Kazoo Works | Hololive EN Fan Animation

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Sometimes instruments can be difficult to figure out. And happy (very late) 1st Anniversary of Hololive EN!

Another fun project with "limited expression", this time using a piece of audio from the Virtual YouTuber, Mori Calliope. Sadly due to some IRL issues, I couldn't finish it in time, and I missed the one-year anniversary of Hololive EN, which sucks. But, better late than never, or unfinished. Plus, I was originally working on a differnet project before this one, but thanks to a few technical challenges, I decided to delay that one until a later date.

As I mentioned before, I'm not the most avid watcher of Calli's content (nor the rest of Hololive-EN), but I have enjoyed what I have seen, especially clips such as this one. This is just a fan animation.

Original audio from one of Calli's Doom Eternal streams (3:58 for the start, 8:38 for the big moment if you're curious):

Calli model based off of Calli's April Fools "outfit".

While I didn't actually use this clip, the audio comes from the same section that they used (Plus, it's what inspired me to make this animation):

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