Should I Sell My Senna and Buy a MCLAREN P1?

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The McLaren P1 was a game changer when it launched, but would I change my McLaren Senna for one? The P1 is now approaching 9 years old and still every bit the spaceship on the road with its hybrid technology, but let's do a double P1 convoy and consider it!

McLaren Automotive launched the P1 off the back of the MP4-12C and it was really something amazing in terms of what it achieved from 'nowhere'. Offering over 900hp from the 3.8l TT V8 and hybrid system, incredible active aero, a full e-Mode, the special Race Mode and much more in the process. It really was the pioneer of technology in many ways, and no doubt a "P2" of some description will do that again in the future.

However, earlier this year, I drove a P1 to dinner with @The Triple F Collection and it absolutely blew me away, so I leapt at the opportunity to join my friend @supercarsteven to take his newly purchased Ice Silver car out for a run in the canyons during Car Week in California. Not only that, but we're also joined by another friend's full carbon body P1 as well for a double McLaren Ultimate Series convoy!

Of course the Senna and P1 are very different cars; one being absolutely dedicated for the track and the other being a more road orientated machine but still offering immense track performance. It must be stated that the current market prices are quite far apart, with the 375 units of the P1 commanding significant 50% premiums over the equivalents of the 500 Sennas. Nonetheless, it's a very interesting comparison to consider and think about for the future.

Huge thanks to @supercarsteven for letting me get behind the wheel of the car he's only recently purchased, to experience it in such an amazing environment. Made even better by the chance sightings of a Koenigsegg Agera RS, Rimac Nevera, McLaren Elva and Shelby Daytona Coupe along the way.

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:20 Artura
02:24 P1 Walkaround
04:13 Let's Go
06:41 P1 Backstory
08:33 Canyon Roads
11:01 P1 vs Senna
12:37 e-Mode
15:23 Final Drive
18:41 Wrap Up

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