Shane Dawson SCAMMING his fans...?

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This video is about Shane Dawson, Ryland and more! Enjoy :)

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Apple Hid iOS 15 and macOS Monterey Features!

In Apple's 2021 WWDC keynote, they failed to mention a lot of awesome new features. RAVPower 120W PD GanII Desktop Charging Station

How strong is a CARBON FIBER smartphone?! - Durability Test!

We've never seen a phone like this! Go to, click the microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in jerryrig to get your fre...

A journey through the celeb app graveyard

Twitch: Planet M Studios: Jumping In An Elevator (my podcast): https://www.y...

Skate stoppers or seat stoppers?

Weird huh but thanks for watching sub if you like skateboarding content. @Sean Bolis Vlogs TikTok @seanbolis Instagram @sean_bolis


Parkour on a cliff with a dog. Don't try this at home! Follow me on social media for exclusive content: YouTube Shorts:

We let women get away with sh*t cus they're pretty.

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I Should Have Waited.... #Shorts

I knew that i should have waited.. #shorts

Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so...

I Bought A Water Park

We went to a completely empty water park! Literally a childhood dream come true lol PLEASE CHECK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON! DOUBLE CHECK! Please boys, it w...

UFC 263: Dana White Responds to Francis Ngannou, Unsure About Adesanya Moving Back Up to 205

Ahead of UFC 263: Adesanya vs. Vettori 2 and Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori 2 for the UFC middleweight title, UFC president Dana White speaks to S...

Stéfanos Tsitsipás vs Daniil Medvedev - Quarterfinals Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

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Getting A Kitten!

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Levi the dog memorial

This is a Memorial video for Levi the dog, he lived 6-6-2006 to 6-4-2021 Someone else edited this, I couldn't do it.

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer

Delve into Part I of the Caves & Cliffs Update with fun mobs, blocks, and items! Team up with the axolotl, swim with the glow squid, and climb with th...

Roblox build a... “boat”

JUNE 11TH 1PM EST NEW MERCH ON USE STAR CODE FLAMINGO AND TEMPRIST!! Thanks to temp for helping out on this video you are a boa...

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