New Batteries for Old EVs : 150% more range for a Nissan LEAF | FULLY CHARGED

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Battery swapping is the perfect solution for keeping first generation EVs like the Nissan Leaf on the road and giving them a new lease of life.

Robert heads to Cheltenham to visit Cleevely Electric Vehicles who have partnered with Muxsan in Holland to offer this brilliant battery swapping service. As battery technology has greatly advanced in the 10 years since the launch of the Leaf, updating with a larger, newer battery from crash damaged cars increases both the range and lifespan of the car.

Cleevely EV -
Muxsan -

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0:00 Introduction
1:47 Battery swap service
2:44 Not so simple
3:19 Gen 1 Leafs
4:16 2nd lease of life
4:39 Replace & reuse
5:45 Range increase
6:58 How long does it take?
7:53 Same pack size
9:07 Coded communications
10:20 Huge difference
11:05 No battery waste
11:49 Costs
13:22 Future batteries
14:04 Adapt to the market
14:18 Keeping EVs on the road
15:01 Subscribe, support & join

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