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Professional rally driver, former Australian Junior National Rally Champion, and 2018 RXAus 2WD champion Will Orders driving the Bidno Moorland stage in DiRT Rally. (FAQs below)

•Is this a record?
No, this wasn't even his personal best. We were hanging out the day before an actual rally, taking turns playing DiRT, and this was Will's turn. No practice, no restarts, just a casual fun run. That said, if you check the XBox leaderboard for this stage his time would still rank 194th out of the tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) who have played the game. I can't access the PC or Playstation leaderboards, so I can't tell you where he'd rank there.
Added note, the game was in Beta at the time, general consensus is that the final version is faster.

•Why did you cut it off as he was starting to say what he thought of the game??!?!?!?!?!!111?1/!?!!/!
I didn't. The voice starting to talk at the end wasn't Will. It was the team's engine tuner saying that watching Will's inputs and movements looked exactly like watching Will drive a real rally car. In retrospect should I have kept recording to include that? Maybe. But this was a totally unplanned, spur of the moment video.

•What did he think of the game then?
He said the AWD cars felt spot on, especially the Fiesta WRC, but the RWD cars needed work. He hated the FWD cars, but he hates them in real life too.

•Is he really a rally driver?
Yes, though he's switched over to rallycross and is currently competing in the 4WD championship in RXAus. You can see his rally history here: https://www.ewrc-results.com/profile.php?p=608

•What kind of setup/wheel is that?
It's a 100% custom build by the guys at FY Racing in Houghton, MI. Pieces like the steering wheel, the seat, and the pedals came from real rally cars, the shifter and handbrake handles were built in house on a lathe. The TVs are cheap Sceptre brand TVs, because the less you spend on your television the more you can spend on your real race car.

•Is there force feedback?
Hell yes there is. They used an industrial motor for the force feedback on the wheel and had to turn it all the way down to keep it from injuring people. Even turned down you need to muscle it pretty hard.

I'll add more questions here as I get them.

To see what Will can do in a real rally car, check out this video of him having some fun in a Mitsubishi Evo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNgVSac2tUM

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