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First Rebecca Zamolo created Daniel Trapped Us in Game Master Prison Escape Room! (24 Hour Challenge). Matt and Rebecca then found out that He Betrayed Us! Lie Detector Test and Face Reveal of Mystery Spy RHS Member Outside of Roblox! Now they must hack into the prison cell and unlock the game master's handcuffs. If the youtuber squad can find the key to the handcuff challenge in time they will be rescuing the game master from the prison. Once he is unlocked the game master gives each person a task to perform and a clue to solve. Rebecca and Matt must go meet RZ twin in big bear to find a device. Daniel gave Conner a device that Maddie has to help find while Robbie Rob needs to have a secret meeting with a mystery person at Dominos. What will we find out and can we rescue the game master in time?

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Rebecca Zamolo - Daniel Trapped Us in Game Master Prison Escape Room! (24 Hour Challenge)

Matt and Rebecca - He Betrayed Us! Lie Detector Test and Face Reveal of Mystery Spy RHS Member Outside of Roblox!




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