Oops, looks like we misplaced something. So here's something random!

So much 'Merica
Giant Spider Crab Molting (time-Lapse)

Time-lapse video of the giant crab spider discarding it's old shell.

Crazy feeding frenzy with the hounds at Chateau Cheverny

The hounds at Chateau Cheverny going into a crazy feeding frenzy. They were well behaved though.

Slow Loris eating a Rice Ball

Slow Loris eating a Rice Ball Her name is Kinako. She has teeth and is domestically bred. Kinako was born in a Japanese pet shop.

Happy dog vs. Meadow

"Dogwork.com loves all animals specially mutts, and we encourage our visitors to adopt rather than to buy from a pet store"

While trying to tranquilize a tigress you won't believe what happens next.

Tigress in a fit of rage attacks the mahawat or mahout (rider) of an elephant, as the forest department guards were trying to tranquilize her and roun...

New to swimming

Chance finally learns to swim.

Overboard Maverick- Dog jumps on Dolphins (Really Funny-Must See)

This is a video of a German Shepherd jumping in on some dolphins while we were underway in our boat. I guess he wanted to play with the dolphins.

Embrace the derp. Be the derp.
Jean Claude Van Dog
cat vs printer with sound effect

A cat taking care of business on a printer

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