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Tanak/Molder - Big Jump - WRC Rally Poland 2015

Materiały: Mateusz Pezda

CCR Ferrari Challenge Crash At Road America 2015

Great battle between a Ferrari 458 and Ferrari 430 leads to an unfortunate crash at Round 4 of the CCR Forza Tifosi Challenge at Road America. The F...

Lady Illegally Parked In Disabled Spot

I am disabled due to kidney failure, and recently I had open heart surgery. It seems like every time I try to find parking in front of Trader Joes (Ir...

Go Kart powered by KZ650 motorcycle engine

Custom built, homemade go kart. Started building 9 years ago when I was 17 and is still unfinished. Goal is to one day switch engine with a water cool...

Aston Martin Vulcan
Weird Shutter Effect [0:07]

My dashcam's frame rate sometimes matches the spin of a car wheel perfectly and it looks like the car is gliding along on wheels that aren't moving

Zonda Cinque Roadster
Comparing Pitstops Across Motorsports

A comparison of pitstops from F1, Indycar, Formula E, Nascar, and WEC

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