Gift ideas for science geeks

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Gift ideas for science geeks

Stunning Siphonophore

E/V Nautilus, the current ship of exploration of Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard, is exploring the ocean studying biology, geology, archeology, ...

H.S. Football Player Runs Through Defense

H.S. Football Player Runs Through Defense

The Icelandic Volcano Bárðarbunga - Pronounciation. Do it right this time!

How to pronounce the Icelandic volcano Bárðarbunga.

Rings Around the Ring Nebula
For science
They stole how many data?
This guiiiiiii...
How Gravity Makes Things Fall

A new demonstration of gravity, featuring the "Spacetime Stretcher," built mostly out of materials from my garage and the hardware store.

A galaxy with a glowing heart
Soccer best tackle ever !

Amazing football goal Domenico Zampaglione | Vigor Lamezia - Tuttocuoio

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