F18 Hornet Accident while landing on aircraft carrier

F18 Hornet Accident while landing on aircraft carrier

Matching pubic hair formal wear
10 Hours of Walking around Comic-Con as a Female Cosplayer

We walked around San Diego Comic-Con 2015 for 10 hours. Space Girl: Lauren Francesca

Idiot Shoplifter Tries To Escape And Fails

This genius decided the lights were the perfect way to escape from the cops. TAGS: Genius Shoplifter Tr...

Shanghai in 1990 vs 2010
Oh, I'm going to animals.
Waterspout in Tampa
buenas noches
People Choose Free Candy Bar over Free 10 oz Silver Bar (Worth $150) in Experiment

Media analyst Mark Dice offers random people their choice of a free Hershey chocolate bar or a free 10 oz silver bar (Worth $150) in an experiment. Y...

DARPA - Drunken robots

I see a few people have made silly versions of the hilarious footage of the robots failing. Here's my take on it.

Mumbai Local Accident: Train Overshoots Platform At Churchgate!

On 28 June, 2015 a Mumbai local train overshot the Platform at Churchgate station. The harrowing moment was captured by the CCTV cameras installed at ...

Ali cuts the watermelon

He is completely sober.

Harry Potter vs. Star Wars
me irl
Never Forget: 6/26
Pet Insurance
Subway Long Jump

Lightning at the airport
McDonald's is making moves
A friend posted this on facebook
This makes me uncomfortable...
When You Think No One Is Looking

This guy dances to his own music and thinks no one is looking :)

If you're going 80mph how long will it take go to 80miles?

Yes Stephanie...

Boneless? WTF?
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