Marble adding machine

Http:// My marble adding machine in action.

After recent developments...
Uhhh sure... Whatever you say.
Windows 10: Pre-Release Cortana on Desktop

In Windows 10 Cortana comes to the desktop

iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Can Samsung's Galaxy S5 hold a candle to the oversized iPhone 6 Plus? Or is that a job for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4?

iPhone Bending: Consumer Reports' Lab Results

Following the social media storm about the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bending, Consumer Reports turned to science and stress-tested 6 smartphones to see ...

Japanese Robot Suit named HAL

This suit allows the elderly to walk and perform tasks.

Deepmind artificial intelligence @ FDOT14

Deepmind technology wrecking old Atari games. Event held @ First Day of Tomorrow 2014, Paris

New Uses for the iPhone 6
Portable Solar Powered 3D printer in the Saharan Desert

Markus Kayser - Solar Sinter Project Making Something Out of Nothing Using Nothing (renewable energy).

Last years iPhone Release Some Lady gets burned

Some lady pay a guy $800 for his spot in line to buy an iPhone. Then she tries to buy all the iPhone in the store but can't. Their was a 1 phone per c...

First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately drops it during TV interview

Gotta be a bit more careful there bud

Moto 360 Review!

Moto 360: Smartwatch of the year, but we're just getting started.

Holy Inappropriate, Batman!
Red Bull Racing's RB8 Tearing it Up in Infrared

FLIR, an innovation partner with Infiniti Red Bull Racing, had the opportunity to capture some great footage at GAMMA Racing Day 2014. Using a FLIR x6...

The make your own clock...
The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk'

The Cubli is a 15 × 15 × 15 cm cube that can jump up and balance on its corner. Reaction wheels mounted on three faces of the cube rotate at high an...

Monowheel - MARTEC

Made by: Anders Adelstorp, Claus Cortsen, Kasper Jensen og Mathias Andersen - Frederikshavn Maskinmesterskole

Why is Vertu so expensive?

The reason why Vertu so expansive

This is an actual thing now.
First-person Hyperlapse Videos are amazing

We present a method for converting first-person videos, for example, captured with a helmet camera during activities such as rock climbing or bicyclin...

Vietnamese guy hucks phone across room when it rings during interview

"Oh crap my phones ringing, here I'll just place it down beside me"

Pheeva - Plus - Gyft - Troll TV Ad

Stan finds out the he can buy far more with Bitcoin than he originally thought. Pheeva Plus Gyft brings the power of bitcoin to over 200 brands.

Cross Section of Undersea Cable
Marissa Mayer's Terrible Laugh

Marissa Mayer's Terrible Laugh

we wanted them smaller..
Shouting in the Datacenter

Brendan Gregg from Sun's Fishworks team makes an interesting discovery about inducing disk latency.

DENIS CIMAF DAH-080C on Takeuchi TB175 excavator

Brushcutter Mulcher For 7 to 10 ton excavators. This industrial, hydraulic attachments is ideal for intensive brushcutting; on site development, tra...

Project Ara Prototype shown at Google I/O 2014

Paul Eremenko, the head of Project Ara showed the prototype of Project Ara at Google I/O 2014. Though the phone failed to fully load, Audience cheere...

Syntactically correct earrings.
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