The Icelandic Volcano Bárðarbunga - Pronounciation. Do it right this time!

How to pronounce the Icelandic volcano Bárðarbunga.

Rings Around the Ring Nebula
For science
They stole how many data?
This guiiiiiii...
How Gravity Makes Things Fall

A new demonstration of gravity, featuring the "Spacetime Stretcher," built mostly out of materials from my garage and the hardware store.

A galaxy with a glowing heart
Soccer best tackle ever !

Amazing football goal Domenico Zampaglione | Vigor Lamezia - Tuttocuoio

Ultra-Pure Water

David visits a company that makes the world's most incredible water filter that creates ultra-pure water. He then finds out that he cannot taste it.

Religion Map of Europe
Hand in Hot Ice

In this video I stick my hand into a jar full of molten sodium acetate and have it crystallize with my hand inside. This works because the substanc...

it was about 90° today
High res snowflake at 50k
Wave breaking, Hawaii
Opening a Soda on the Ocean Floor

Astronaut Chris Hadfield shakes and then opens a Coke can while living on the ocean floor.

Tornado sucks in a Rainbow..
55 gallon steel drum can crush

Crushing a 55 gallon steel drum using air pressure. Its been done before but its always fun to watch. Enjoy!

Italo Romano

Gil Hedley: Exquisite lungs breathing

A demonstration of breath filling human lungs. The demonstration is performed with the deeply appreciated gift of a human body from a donor program, ...

Sprinter vs. Marathoner

In running, you've all seen the sprinter and the marathoner. One looks like an 80's movie character and the other like he has had too many crash cours...

Pendulum Waves

Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and ...

Amazing Gyroscope Properties!

Gyroscopes are just so cool. The device in this video can be found on science websites.

How attached cats are to their owners?

Prof Daniel Mills at University of Lincoln carried out a psychological test to prove that cats are different to humans and dogs. Cats do not have the ...

How to be famous.
Electrostatic Motor powered by Electric Fly Swatter

6 Electric fly swatter connected in series.

Bill Nye Pwns Astrology -in 1 minute!

Calm, cool, and collected pwnage. This is what it looks like when an intelligent and educated person utterly destroys a superstitious belief -in about...

Mandelbox trip

Key-frame animation test in Mandelbulber

Making the Fletcher Capstan Table

Having previously made two shorter product videos for the client this was a different kind of project. The brief was to document the work and craftsma...

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