Natural chandeliers
Paper will always beat rock.
Glacier's End in Argentina
GoPro: Whale Fantasia

Alan Watts, 3 Sirens, and 3 Humback Whales dance together in a short film that will inspire you. Where you are now is your dream. What will you do?

On the road in Patagonia.
Oasis civilization
Lötschental, Switzerland
Melting Ice Cap
Wow, just wow.
Girlfriend Scarecam: A Vine Compilation

Shan Dodd gets scared super easily. I like to record it. Here is a compilation of my Vines documenting it.

Where a Sequoia Stood
Bucegi Mountains, Romania
Lungern, Switzerland
The Matterhorn, Switzerland
Natural Bridge (VA)
Exploring the vast unknown.
Grindelwald, Switzerland
Telluride, Colorado, USA
The Great Ocean Road, Australia
Well that's kinda cool
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