Policía Nacional se olvida de poner el freno de mano

Policía FAIL

Men hope for that reaction.
A wasted goodwill trip, until...
Tea Party
A dog sleeping with his KITTENS

My dog Murkin loves his kittens! Super cuteness overload.

Hot lava!
The kitty king
Harry Potter In Real Life - The cutest thing you'll see all day.

For our latest mission, we sent an 11-year-old actor dressed as Harry Potter into New York's Pennsylvania Station.

Dog (half Coyote/Retriever) adopts 10 baby chicks

They showed up in our yard one morning and it was love at first sight.

Kitten Bun Bun's Funny Reactions to Camera

5-week-old Exotic Shorthair kitten, Bun Bun, is a born entertainer. Oftentimes when a camera is pointed at him, Bun Bun barks like a puppy and improvi...

Can you say banana?

My then two year old daughter Payton... she had an unusual way of saying banana so I posted it for family... My laugh was me trying to not laugh :)

Echidna falling over ;)

Just a random vid of an echidna falling over, no biggie ;)

Chick Sleeps Under Cats Chin

This Chick found Oscars chin to be a comfortable place to sleep

Puppies Go Into Attack Mode

A group of dangerous puppies go into attack mode! I wouldn't want to mess with those little guys.

5 week old golden retriever puppies really mad when someone doesn't fill their pool!

Puppy frenzy! We emptied the puppy swimming pool to clean it. As you can see the puppies had a fit and couldn't understand why their pool didn't have ...

Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys

I took this video the day after we adopted him.

Water fail

My son loved his Hobbit costume!
Emotional baby! Too cute!

She's was only ten months old when this video was taken, her reaction is priceless!!!!!

Wanna be friends?
A baby mountain lion!
Monkey cleaning a kitty

You're probably not gonna find anything little guy.

Baby Ocellot
Baby chameleons
Kitten observing from the leaves.
Baby otter squeaks when introduced to water

Baby Otter as a pet.

Frozen mining truck
Feets are seats, right?
Tiger and Her Embarrassed Cub
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