Cuteness at its finest.
When I get home
Thurman Furman
my new blue heeler
Getting ready to pounce
Adorable foster kitten plays with two Dalmatians

This sweet 5-week-old foster kitten named Uno is starting to get some spunk! Watch as it fearlessly plays with two much bigger dogs, Louie and Lady. W...

Kitten Kondos

Buck Has The Hiccups

"What are these things inside me!? I will scare them away!" Buck is an 8 week year old Heeler who isn't so sure about his first experience with hic...

8 Weeks vs. 8 Months
Cute Cat Begging

I think this cute cat is begging for some food...very funny

Chewie, We're home!!!
Aww yiss
the cutest little tongue
My new Shiba Harvey.
Great short story
Jedi Kittens Strike Back

The Jedi Kittens are striking back with with an action packed adventure. Who can resist the X-Wing and Tie Fighting kittens!

Ozzy the Weasel in: No Gaming For You

Yup, he loves to play. So do I. But before I get to go online and start killing, I'm being camped by this fearless fighter. But then again; his ping i...

Our cat cleaning her little fur toy ball, then discovers she's being recorded.

This is the funniest thing I ever recorded.

Cats are mans best friend
Adorable daddy/daughter standoff

15 month old Lola puts her dad in his place!

DJ Kittens Scratching away on Decks

They may only be kittens, but these little guys know how to SCRATCH!

Puppy attempts to reclaim bed from cat

Here we have another case of a cat stealing a dog's bed. Pixel, a 10 week old French Bulldog, is trying to reclaim what is rightfully his.

Excited puppy spots its owner

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