Perfect pencil shavings
A dragon made out of car parts
An actual hotel room in France
Scrap Metal Bison
Amazing art!
Driftwood Horse
Black Ghost, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Expo Alain PRAS - Palais du Facteur Cheval

Exposition Alain PRAS - Palais Facteur Cheval juin 2014

Table Topography
Lowell Nesbitt - Stairs (1965)
Waves of Cut Glass
The Painting
Work Intelligently
Painting by Tomás Sánchez
The Ordos Museum in Inner Mongolia
Dragon book
Illusion Painting by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu

Sprayed on foil City: Potsdam

Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank

One Photoshop magician, one bus stop and lots of hidden cameras.

Impossible Balls Illusion!

Cool illusion with paper

The Kissing Islands.
Someone drew Thor on a suede chair
I could do that...
Step Into an Optical Illusion

In Demon Hill, the rules of gravity don't apply as you expect them to. Down is not down, exactly. The room, created by Los Angeles artist Julian Hoebe...

Street portrait.
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