How to make Hydraulic Press

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How to make hydraulic press
In this video I show you how to make powerful hydraulic press. You need wooden rulers, 5 syringes (20 ml), 4 syringes (5 ml), pipes and glass with water. As result this press can easily crack any type of nuts, crush soda can and much more!

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Things You Will Need:
➜ 20ml Syringes
➜ 5ml Syringes
➜ Hot Glue Gun
a) (20Watt)
b) (60 Watt)
➜ Scissors
➜ Flow Regulator / Drip Chamber
➜ Wooden Rulers
➜ Small Steel Balls
➜ Plastic Pipe
➜ Nuts
➜ Soda Can

➜ Measurements

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