LOTR The Return of the King - The Ride of the Rohirrim

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The great charge of the Rohirrim at the Pelennor Fields, when King Théoden and his Rohan army arrive to aid Gondor in their battle against the Mordor armies. (HD Blu-ray)

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More tags: Gondor Pelennor Fields Minas Tirith Rohirrim Rohan army blows sound horns Gothmog Form ranks you maggots form ranks Pikes in front archers behind Eowyn Courage Merry Courage for our friends Theoden Eomer Take your Eored down the left flank Theoden Gamling follow the King's banner down the center Grimbold take your company right after you pass the wall Forth and fear no darkness Theoden Arise Arise Riders of Theoden Spears shall be shaken shields shall be splintered A sword day a red day ere the sun rises Eowyn Whatever happens, stay with me I'll look after you Theoden rides past his men hitting their spears with his sword Theoden Ride now Ride now Ride Ride to ruin and the world's ending Theoden Death Death DEATH Theoden Forth Eorlingas Rohirrim Rohan army blows sound horns

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