China's Censorship Is Creeping Into America, Blizzard And NBA Bend The Knee To Communist China

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China's Censorship Is Creeping Into America, Blizzard And NBA Bend The Knee To Communist China. The big story trending today is that Blizzard, the company behind Hearthstone, has suspended a player and rescinded prize money over his support for the ongoing Hong Kong protests.

This comes in the wake of the South Park episode mocking American companies for caving to the censorship demands of China. The news sparked outrage that Americans would have to live under the censorship of China due to market pressure with Marco Rubio issuing a statement stating just that. China uses market influence to exert cultural pressure onto other countries.

Meanwhile protesters in Hong Kong are being seriously injured as they demand free speech and sovereign rights, opposing the will of Communist China.

As Trump's trade war escalates and companies are forced to choose sides. could all of this be the tipping point toward full scale conflict between the US and China?

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