Mass Shooting Stopped By FEMALE Private Security Officer… Where’s The Mainstream Media?

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Recently, a female private security officer stopped a potential mass shooting from happening at a nightclub during party time in Huntsville, Alabama. A fight broke out inside of the club at some point, a man leaves the club then attempts to come back with an AK-47.

The security officer, who goes by the name of Latoya, intervened immediately to protect the party goers by subduing the suspect. Before she got into action, she made sure all party-goers stayed a safe distance back. She then engaged the suspect, shooting him once in the leg. That was enough to render him immobile so she was able to administer first aid and get him to a hospital where the police stepped in.

Unfortunately, the suspect was able to bond out of jail but it’s nearly 100% certain that he will be back in bars pretty soon.

Latoya did everything correctly. Truly by the book. Not only is she great reference for casual gun owners who carry, but also other security guards and those involved with general public safety, including law enforcement. The guard who did not intervene at the shooting in Broward County Florida should most certainly take notes from her.



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