RPCS3 - Major Performance & Graphical Improvements: inFamous 1-2, Skate 1-3, God of War 3 & more!

Added: 5 months ago
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This is our longest improvements video to-date showcasing a huge number of AAA exclusives improving over November and October!

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Footage provided by:
Asinine (Ryzen R7 1700 @4GHz) - inFamous 1-2, Skate 1-2, Resistance Fall of Man
MsLow (i7 8700k) - Yakuza Kenzan, Yakuza Dead Souls, Yakuza 3
MarioSonic2987 (i7 6700k) - Lego games and God of War 3 Demo (before)
CattaRappa (Ryzen R7 2700x) - Skate 3
Master Turkey - WET
13xforever - XMB footage
Deminating (i7 8700k) - Everything else

Edited by: Asinine

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