How to play DS games online after Nintendo WFC Shutdown! No hacks or mods required! (Wiimmfi)

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DNS server:

Hey guys! Thanks to a new bug in Nintendo's implementation of SSL (called "nds-constraint") as discovered by shutterbug2000, it is now possible to play Nintendo DS games via custom server (Wiimmfi in this case) without modifying your DS, or needing a cheating device or a flashcart! Literally the only instruction is to enter the DNS listed above in your connection settings, and you are good to go!

This video shows how to set the DNS server in your connection settings, and also delves into how to make your own unsecured WiFi hotspot via an Android phone, just in case that's useful, since regrettably the highest form of security the DS supports is WEP (only Pokémon Black/White and their sequels support WPA connections), and nobody really works in WEP anymore. I also demonstrate connecting to Mario Kart DS, the GTS of Pokémon Diamond, and the Battle Videos section of Pokémon Black 2.


- If you are trying to use Mario Kart DS and your game crashes while connecting, delete all friends from your friend roster (you can do that in the Records section!)
- If you get Error Code 60000, delete your Nintendo WFC configuration from the options menu. You will then be prompted to overwrite your FC when you next connect, and this will work.
- If you get any other error code, you can look it up at
- If you can't get a connection set up on your DS, get an old router that supports WEP encryption or lower, or try my Android trick later in the video. Might work if you have a phone capable of that.
- If you can't find opponents when using the Android trick, well... yep. Pretty much as I feared.

Here are some useful links that might be of interest to people:

Games that Wiimmfi supports (and who is online):
Classic Pokémon GTS: - Really cool cause you can see every single Pokémon for trade!
How to get Wiimmfi on a Wii:
Wiimmfi forums:

And if anyone's wondering how this all works, Nintendo's SSL implementation on all DS games is completely flawed. When connecting to a server, the DS wants to see if the certificate for the site is signed by Nintendo. No custom server in the world has a certificate like that... lucky for us, every Wii console has its own certificate, signed by Nintendo, that is capable of signing other certificates on behalf of Nintendo (completely invalid, of course). The DS, though, treats that as perfectly logical and thus accepts the connection. Therefore, all we need is a custom DNS that lies about who owns Nintendo WiFi Connection, and then their server just needs to show their Wii-signed certificate and the DS is happy. Stupid bug, but very useful. Interestingly, despite the bug existing in every single DS games, including ones released in 2012, well after Wii came out, the Wii does NOT have this bug.

The DNS server is hosted by the guys at RiiConnect24! Special thanks goes to the Kaeru Team for the proxy service used during connections!

Thanks for watching everyone, and hope to see you all soon!


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