What is bruh look at this dude? The history and origin of look at this dude roasts memes

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What is bruh look at this dude? Who recorded the original audio that is used in the roast? Today we look at the history and origin of the look at this dude roast meme used in the try not to laugh compilation challenges

the look at the dude roasts also sometimes known as flipagram roasts have become a popular meme and remix video series which are often used within the try not to laugh challenge videos here on Youtube. The videos compare images of a person to somebody or something that looks similar to it in a funny way which is only amplified with the funny audio that is used to accompany the roast. The original audio comes from a twitter user who has a very funny laugh and comedic delivery for roasting the subject. Since the original video the audio has become a type of meme and is used very often by numerous people who create their own variations of the meme and roast numerous celebrities and youtubers.

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