Might be the greatest news report I've seen

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Might be the greatest news report I've seen
Sad truth.
Only the dankest...
CNN Anchor Asks If Incoming Asteroid Caused By 'Global Warming'... Seriously?

At the Media Research Center's "DisHonors Awards" held on Thursday, September 26, 2013 during the MRC's annual gala, one of three nominees for the "Da...

FOX 4 reporter confronts woman accused of stealing his identity

An accused credit card thief picked the wrong guy when she used FOX 4 consumer reporter Steve Noviello's Visa account to check into a North Texas.

News 2 Blooper: Amazon vs. WalMart

The real reason Amazon is beating Walmart in sales...adult toys. Just ask my "friend" who works in the warehouse.

Sanders vs. Clinton
Their faces just say it all.
California High Speed Police Chase

California High Speed Police Chase Extremely Fast Grand Theft Auto Suspect (KCBS) February 9, 2015

Distracted Bus Drivers Caught on Tape Endangering the Lives of Passengers

The proliferation of cellphone cameras causes rise in viral video footage of bus drivers texting instead of watching the road. Distracted, bus, dri...

Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, so too does Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of any Russian involvement. But a recent report from thi...

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