Elizabeth (Bioshock) Cosplay

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Elizabeth (Bioshock) Cosplay
This man's a true fan
Love Blizzard's humor
Lets Make A Poro: Tahm Kench

Here's my latest project, 3D printed Tahm Kench Poro. If you want a copy of the print, I made it public, you can get one here: http://shpws.me/JA...

Shen Outplays Vayne

Sometimes the thornmail is 100% necessary. Raid Boss downed. -- Check out Phytes for a chill stream and awesome community: http://www.twitch.tv/phyte...

Gross Gore Every Game

How to become Gross Gore in 4 simple steps: 1) Listen to hype music 2) Concentrate 3) Always blame others 4) Lose

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