142mph Serve - Racquet hits the ball 6000fps Super slow motion (from Olympus IMS)

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football - goals absurd

Football - goals absurd

This man’s reaction to Blackhawks win is the best we’ve heard

CHICAGO — This is easily the best 15-second interview you’ll see today. While WGN was live on TV Monday night during their coverage of the Chic...

Amazing hidden ball trick - Baseball

Peru St. Bede pitcher Jarrett Olson pulls the old hidden ball trick against Rockford Christian in 2A state semifinals

Bizarre World Cup Handball

Check out this handball during a recent 2011 Women's World Cup between Australia and Equatorial Guinea. Worst part is that the ref didn't even call a ...

Funny and Embarrassing Moments of Filipino Divers in SEA Games 2015.

Filipino divers somersault into a spectacular-splashy zero-point performance in SEA Games 2015 in Singapore.

High School Softball Catcher Gets Away with Leveling Pair of Baserunners

High School Softball Catcher Gets Away with Leveling Pair of Baserunners Surprise Even when Major League Baseball allowed collisions at the plate, th...

Lie Witness News - Golden State Warriors Edition

When your team makes it to the NBA Finals, it’s a big deal, especially in a town like Oakland where they’ve been waiting a long time to see the Go...

Shaw's incredible header in 2OT is disallowed

Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw shows off his soccer skills and heads the puck out of mid-air into the Ducks net in 2OT but the goal is disallo...

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