Anna Christine - House Of the Rising Sun (America's Got Talent 8)

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Anna Christine from Nevada started off the new season of America's Got Talent with a bang. No one expected the nervous ten year old to belt out such a performance of the timeless classic House Of The Rising Sun.


An Insane Drum Solo from Buddy Rich performed @ the concert of the Americas.

China Army ft. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

Paging Daft Punk, make this your next music video.

Wu-Tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin' - Master Iller

Movie: 8 Diagram Pole Fighter Music: Wu-tang Clan - Da Mystery of Chessboxin' Remix

Jessie J sings with her mouth closed

Jessie J demonstrates how she can sing with her mouth closed and it sounds like she's in a box. The Graham Norton Show: Series 16 Episode 14 - BBC One

You're ruining my career!

Crazy guy gets his career shutdown early.

Professor Kliq - Wire and Flashing Lights - Plastic and Flashing Lights

Follow the crazy walk of the wired man inhabited by Professor Kliq's music. Wire and paper stop motion animation on "Wire & Flashing Light", 2013...

2year old plays the pretender by Foo Fighters

Jaxon playing Foo Fighters If you're worried about his hearing... its an electric drum kit and the levels aren't very loud it only sounds loud.

Crowd in Paris sings along to Imagine

Since no one could move, my neighbor had the excellent idea to get his stereo and switch classics. Very emotional moment and communion, completely imp...

Hans Zimmer - making of INTERSTELLAR Soundtrack

Awesome featurette showing Hans Zimmer creating the soundtrack for Christopher Nolan's epic "Interstellar".

The Tiptree Sneeze

The London Central Fellowship Band of the Salvation Army.

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