35 Celebrity look alikes that you wouldn't expect

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We've compiled some weird and fun Celebrity look alike's from animals to inanimate objects to cartoon characters.

Nicki Minaj - He Man
Almost Hairless Chihuahua - Miley Cyrus
Celine Dion - Collie
Extremely forgetful cowboy - Ahh Toby Keith?
Charlie Chaplin - Black and White Cat
Goerge W. Bush - Chimpanzee
Michael Jackson - Snub-Nosed Monkey
Walrus - Adrien Brody
Taylor Lautner - Furry Alpaca
Carl Fredricksen (Up) - Joe Paterno
Flava Flav - Gremlin
Tine Turner - Chow Chow
Britney Spears - Monkey
Animal (Muppet) - Adrian Grenier
Danny Devito - Baby Panda
Lady Gaga - Once World's Ugliest Dog
Shakira - Komondor Dog
Brian Baumgartner - A Seal
Janice (Muppet) - Donatella Versace
Pope Gregory IX - Sylvester Stallone
Charlie Sheen - Quagmire
Monkey with Glasses - Larry King
Mike Tyson - Dog missing tooth
Samuel L Jackson - Dark Haired Boxer
Mr Bean - I'm gonna go with Monkey
Ron Perlman - Dog
Christopher Lloyd - Aye-aye
Hairless Sphinx - Iggy Pop
Nicki Minaj (again) - A cat with a melon on it's head
Tracy Morgan - An Otter
Mugshot Guy - Beavis
Travis Barker - Parrot
Sea Lion - Wallace Shawn
Rihanna - Alpaca
Justin Timberlake - Ramen Noodles
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